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Miconex 2015

  • Name: Miconex 2015- The 26th International Fair for Measurement, Instrumentation and Automation
  • Date: September 2015
  • Location: Shanghai (China)
  • Organization: CIS – China Instrument and Control Society
  • Industries represented: Equipment for automation, control systems, industrial communication, sensors, transducers and components, electrical automation, laboratory instrumentation, digital technologies.
  • Miconex’s institutional brochure 2015 edition!

miconex 2015


The participating companies

In the 2015 edition go the G.I.S.I. collective offers visibility to 6 companies. Have a look at GISI’s institutional brochure 2015!

  • SGM Lektra Srl / SGM-SHA – produces, since 1977, instruments for measurement and control in industrial processes and water treatments. SGM LEKTRA provides instruments for measuring flow, pressure, level, field communications and automation solutions.
  • Datexel Srl – Manufacturer of electronic equipment for industrial automation and process control
  • Sensitron Srl – Leading manufacturer of gas detection systems for toxic and explosive gases. Products are certified according to ATEX 94/9/CE and EN50402.
  • Elettrotec Srl – Has been designing and manufacturing pressure, vacuum and temperature switches, flow indicators and switches, float level switches, pressure transmitters, level sensors, digital indicators
  • TE.MA. Srl – Perfection in instrumentation for: research & development, engineering & design, manufacture, check & ispection, quality control.
  • Filar Optomaterials Srl – Offers competitive advantage as a reliable supplier of photonic materials manufacturing and supplying synthetic optical and laser crystals.

Photo report

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