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G.I.S.I. Association for the instrumentation, Control and Automation Companies in Italy

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G.I.S.I. – the Association for the instrumentation, Control and Automation Companies in Italy – was founded in 1974 by directors, managers, engineers and technologists representing companies involved in manufacturing, distributing and installing instruments and automation systems for industrial, civil and laboratory applications.

G.I.S.I. currently counts more than 200 members. The Association’s main objectives has been to foster the increasing interest in application of high technology instrumentation and control systems to meet user requirements for improving productivity, energy management and environmental protection.

The Association pursues these goals through the following activities:

  • Promotion and dissemination of information related to markets, technical developments, standards and regulations;
  • Stimulation of a growing spirit of cooperation in the exchange of ideas between members and user industries, in order to ensure that the most technically advanced products will continue to be available in response to, and in anticipation of user requirements;
  • Encouragement of an increased use of instrumentation and control systems through relevant and dedicated conferences, tutorial seminars and communication forums;
  • Support of G.I.S.I. members in their contacts with officials in administrative, public and institutional functions both in Italy and worldwide;
  • Cooperation with other organizations and technical associations, in Italy and all over the world, involved in standards, qualification and certification matters, with the aim of developing a comprehensive bank of rules and guidelines in instrumentation control systems;
  • Performing sectors, product and general market researches and analysis related to instrumentation, automation and other process control activities;
  • Promotion and organization of collective participation of member companies to exhibitions and conferences;
  • Provide training programs and courses for engineers and technicians, as well as making educational services available to members and user industries;
  • Publication of specific and selective literature covering instrumentation, automation and process control systems.

Meet G.I.S.I. Companies at MICONEX 2016

Beijing, China. 21 Sep. 2016 - 24 Sep. 2016


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